After Magazine’s Sale, What’s Next for Texas Monthly?

A Texas-based group just bought the publication. Now what?

By Michael MarksOctober 17, 2016 12:01 pm

Few outlets in Texas’ media landscape carry the same weight as Texas Monthly. And few names in Texas are big enough to take the publication on. But Houston company Genesis Park LP is buying the magazine for $25 million – bringing ownership back to Texas after an out-of-state company ran it for 18 years. Genesis Park’s founder Paul Hobby is uniting his strong Texas name – think the airport in Houston, a governor, a lieutenant governor, and the Houston Post – with Texas Monthly.

Bill Minutaglio, a University of Texas at Austin journalism professor, says when the magazine was sold to the out-of-state Emmis Communications, readers and employees alike feared Texas Monthly might change, but Emmis left well alone. Now, Minutaglio says, we’re back to the unknown – Genesis Park has said they’re looking at some new things.

“That’s got to send a big chill up and down the spine of some of the folks who are at Texas Monthly and have loved it for years,” Minutaglio says. “What’s coming in the future – it’s a little unpredictable.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– More about the Hobby family
– The idea behind the magazine