After The El Paso Shooting, Members Of The Latinx Community Say They’re Afraid, But They Will Heal

What it means to know the shooter targeted Latinx people.

By Kristen CabreraAugust 12, 2019 2:50 pm,

In the wake of the El Paso shooting, a manifesto left by the man who is alleged to have killed 22 people provides context. In it, he says he specifically targeted Hispanics. And that left many in the Latinx community fearful of grocery stores and other crowded places, especially during this past tax-free weekend. Still, many say they don’t want to let the shooter “win,” and they won’t be intimidated into staying home.

Because some individuals voiced concerns over their safety, Texas Standard has chosen to identify all of the people quoted in this story by their first names.

“I gotta be honest. I’m frightened, but I gotta push towards that… It was gut-wrenching and I feel attacked as a Latina, as a Tejana and I’m afraid for my family.”

– Lina

“As somebody of mixed ethnicities, an anglo mother and a Hispanic father, being that the shooter explicitly said race-mixing is bad, it makes you feel like just being somebody who you are is grounds for you to just be murdered. I’ve never growing up felt like I’ve had this type of target on my back before.”

– William

“Pues anda uno con un medio por que ya no puede ir uno a lugares concurridos, porque ya está uno dependiente de cualquier cosa puede pasar.”

Translated from Spanish above: “You can’t go to places where there will be a lot of people gathered because you’re always thinking that anything could happen.”

– Flor

“I’m going back-to-school shopping with my kids this weekend for art supplies and it’s definitely something that’s in the back of the mind. It’s always a fun time for us to go to the store and they pick out their backpacks and all of their supplies and part of me feels like – should I take them with me should I leave them at home? It just really makes me think twice about what I’m willing to expose them to.”

– Yvonne

“We’re all telling each other to stay safe and vigilant if something doesn’t look right, leave the area.”

– William

“I’m really sad about it, that one evil human being could do so much harm. This nation is built on immigrants.”

– Jesus

“It’s very disturbing. This is not America. Especially now, people across the country have to hold hands and fight this antagonism on racial hatred, and we just have a lot of work to do.”

– Gonzalo

“But we can’t let fear stop us… we must overcome and conquer and we will.” 

– Lina

“You know I’m not afraid, I’m strong, I’m Mexican.”

– Rosío


Written by Marina Vences.
With additional voices collected by Geronimo Perez.