AG’s Opinion Gives Law Officers The OK To Carry Lifesaving Opioid Overdose Drug

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By Alexandra HartOctober 5, 2017 4:57 pm

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More Texas law enforcement officials could soon start carrying a lifesaving drug to treat opioid overdoses.

Back in 2015, the state legislature passed a law allowing anyone who may be at risk for an overdose to carry naloxone, also known by its prescription name, Narcan. The law also allowed anyone who could help out in case of an overdose to get the drug as well.

But there was some confusion about whether the law extended to law enforcement officers. Over the summer, the Texas Medical Board asked if that was the case. Wednesday, Attorney General Ken Paxton affirmed that police can indeed get a prescription for the drug. Some local police departments have already been training their officers on how to administer naloxone.

“It’s for selected officers that have gone through our medical tactical training. They’re the officers that allowed to carry the Narcan on them, since they are in the first responders on the first line of defense whenever they encounter someone whose been on opioids,” said San Antonio Police Officer Carlos Ortiz:

Ortiz told Texas Public Radio that some officers had already administered Narcan on several occasions.

According to the AG’s office, opioids are responsible for killing more than 2,500 Texans in 2015.


Thursday, the Houston Astros will face off against the Boston Red Sox in their first playoff game of the postseason. Wednesday night, fans gathered at City Hall with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Astros owner Jim Crane and a handful of players for a rally before today’s game.

Houston Public Media’s Ed Mayberry has more:

After what Houstonians endured during Harvey, the Astros playoff run might just be what the doctor ordered. Mayor Sylvester Turner thanked the team for its help in the aftermath of the floods.

“I know the Astros reached out and said, you know, ‘mayor, should we come back and should we play really soon after the hurricane?’ And our sentiment was, you know, we needed something to cheer for,” Turner said. 

Pitcher Joe Musgrove realizes how important the Astros are to the city.

“Being a hundred loss team to now winning 101 games, you know, it’s incredible. To see them go through what they went through — it’s such a resilient city and it makes you really proud to wear their name across your chest,” Musgrove said.

“For a long time, baseball seemed so secondary. It seemed like there was like a daze or like a glaze over everybody, you know. It was hard not to think about it non-stop. But you know, we know what we have right in front of us — these next 11 wins.”

Owner Jim Crane says the players have families and friends who were affected by Harvey. Crane says the patches on team uniforms that say “Houston Strong” gives the team a little extra motivation.


All five living ex-presidents are teaming up to host a massive hurricane relief concert at Texas A&M University this month.

A&M’s student newspaper The Battallion reports wrote that the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation will host the “Deep from the Heart’ benefit concert, October 21 in College Station. All proceeds will go to hurricane relief efforts in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.