AI-generated content is big business

Marketers are eager to use artificial intelligence to create blog posts, product catalogs and other written material.

By Shelly Brisbin and Kristen CabreraOctober 20, 2022 3:12 pm, ,

DALL E 2 and other sites that use artificial intelligence, or AI, to generate images based on keywords you enter are popular Internet diversions. But AI-generated content is more than just a fun way to pass the time. It’s becoming a big business. 

Startups are creating software that generates all kinds of content with AI, including blog posts, ad copy and art. Jasper is an Austin-based company working on AI-generated content tools. It recently received $125 million in funding. Tech expert Omar Gallaga says AI-generated content is a boon to marketers, but not so much for people who make a living writing or creating art. 

Highlights from this segment:

– AI-generated content is generated automatically based on a description or a prompt.

– Generating written material works best when the writing in question includes lots of keywords and other SEO-friendly markers. It’s less suited for fiction or other creative writing.

– Jasper distributes AI-generation tools to marketers and is in the process of acquiring a company that uses AI to check grammar and spelling.

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