An ‘Almost Unprecedented’ Number Of Federal Agents Are Investigating Austin Bombings

“It is kind of the definition of terror because you don’t know when or where it’s going to strike next.”

By Jill AmentMarch 20, 2018 10:46 am

Early Tuesday morning, a package sent through FedEx from Austin destined for another location in Austin exploded at the FedEx distribution center in Schertz, just north of San Antonio.

One FedEx worker was injured in the blast and now law enforcement believes this explosion is connected with the series of bombings in Austin that began with parcels at front door steps, escalated to a device set up with a trip wire, and now is sent through an overnight delivery service.

This has drawn more than just national media attention. Politicians at the highest levels are trying to determine next steps.

Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul is the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee’s Intelligence Subcommittee and he represents Texas’ 10th Congressional District, which encompasses some of the Austin area.

“We have 500 federal agents now in the Austin area, which is almost unprecedented,” McCaul says.

Though the bombings began with a pattern, more recent explosions have taken different forms.

“The interesting thing about the Schertz explosion is that it was a mailed package,” he says. “The other packages have been placed on the front door step.”

McCaul says the person or persons behind the bombings has a high level of sophistication and tradecraft. The unprecedented series of bombings, he says, is creating anxiety in the Austin area.

“It is kind of the definition of terror,” McCaul says, “because you don’t know when or where it’s going to strike next.”

He says the bomber’s motive is still unknown.

Written by Jen Rice.