Apple’s Big Week: Lawsuits, Spyware And Phones, Oh My

The tech company was largely successful in defeating a lawsuit over its App Store practices. Separately, the company was forced to issue urgent security updates for all of its devices.

By Shelly BrisbinSeptember 16, 2021 10:30 am

It’s been a big week for Apple – from legal decisions to spyware to the annual fall pageant of new hardware products.

Tech expert Omar Gallaga says the busy news cycle began with a verdict in the long-running lawsuit filed by Epic Games. The maker of Fortnite sued over the 30% cut Apple takes from all purchases users make within apps.

Highlights from this segment:

– Last Friday, a California judge ruled that Epic could not prevail on most counts. The judge did find that Apple must allow app developers like Epic to provide a link inside their apps that would let them direct customers to payment options outside Apple’s App Store.

– Apple issued urgent security updates for all of its devices, including phones, tablets and Mac computers. They are vulnerable to spyware linked to the NSO Group’s Pegasus software. If you have an affected device, you should receive a notification from the device that you need to update its software. Follow the onscreen instructions to do so.

– New phones, watches and iPads are coming from Apple, The iPhone 13 Pro includes better cameras, and all phones in the new lineup include a “cinematic mode” for taking more sophisticated videos.

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