Are Airplanes A Low-Risk Environment For Coronavirus Transmission?

Our weekly check-in with the Texas Truth-O-Meter.

By Alexandra HartMay 20, 2020 1:03 pm, , , ,

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly recent said that risk of COVID-19 transmission on an airplane is comparable to the risk of catching it anywhere else. Kelly said that airplanes are “as safe as an environment as you’re going to find.”

Is that a fact?

The fact-checkers at PolitiFact Texas looked into the claim Kelly made on an episode of the CBS News program “Face The Nation.” In response to a question by host Margaret Brennan, Kelly said “I don’t think the risk on an airplane is any greater risk than anywhere else, and, in fact, you just look at the layered approach that we use. It’s as safe as an environment as you’re going to find.”

Hear how Kelly’s claim scored in the player above.


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