Art Gallery Stretches In New Directions To Keep San Antonio Community Connected

Centro Cultural Aztlan will stream an exhibition video on Facebook in September, and show artists’ works in person with special COVID-19 restrictions.

By Jack MorganAugust 25, 2020 1:00 pm, , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

Opening the first week of September at the Centro Cultural Aztlan is an exhibit called Cinco Artistas. That exhibition at Fredericksburg Road will be both virtual, and actual.

Arts Program Manager Ruth Guajardo said a video comes with the opening.

“It’s based on five artists, and basically we asked them five questions,” she said. “And they answered the questions, and showed five works of art.”

That video will debut on the gallery’s Facebook page on Sept. 4 and reveal the works that make up the exhibit.

“In the video their artwork is right behind them. But then at the end of the video we post (visuals of) each piece,” she said.

A painting by Antonio Garcia.

That’s a total of 25 pieces, and in various media.

“We have three painters, one photographer and one ceramist. She does ceramics,” Guajardo said. “She was trained as a painter but now she’s a sculptor and creates clayworks.”

While that video will give a good taste of each artist and their works, you can actually go see them, too. They’re set to allow in-person viewing, with stipulations.

“We are open by appointment. That way there’s not too many people at once,” she said.

With the live Facebook reveal of the video, and the resulting interactive response, the gallery is hoping to generate some of that sense of community that’s been fractured due to COVID-19.

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