At 77, This Dallas Caregiver Can’t Retire — Nor Does She Want To

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the fastest-growing segment of the workforce is people 75 and older. Shirley Martin is one of them.

By Courtney CollinsJuly 26, 2018 10:10 am, ,

From KERA North Texas:

For 34 years, Shirley Martin was a cook at Hockaday, a private all-girls school in Dallas. She also catered events and parties. While food is still her great love, she says the job she has now suits her better.

She’s a caregiver for two clients. Sometimes she works every day of the week, spending nights at their homes, too

Martin keeps the job because she likes it — but also because she needs it. She doesn’t have a pension or much in savings. And $1,100 a month from Social Security won’t pay the bills. The group home caregiver job brings in another $1,300 or so a month.

She can pay rent, keep the lights on, fill up her car with gas and still have enough left for a night out, or a manicure.

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