At This Plano Camp, Students Learn To Focus By Making Art With Their Brainwaves

The student’s head is her paintbrush.

By Stella ChavezJune 27, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From KERA:

Fourth- and fifth-graders are gathered inside a cool, dark conference room. They take turns wearing headsets and face a computer screen. Calming, electronic music plays in the background.

The objective: to paint. But this isn’t exactly the kind of painting you’d imagine.

“Remember, this is your canvas or your piece of paper and this is your paint brush,” Courtney Johnson, a Capital One employee, tells a student. “And you can move your paint brush around slowly by moving your head. OK?”

That’s right — the student’s head is her paintbrush. The EEG headset tracks her movement to create pictures on the screen, like inkblots or abstract shapes that look like starbursts or fireworks.

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