Attorney General Staffer Resigns After Being Denied Security For Border Visit

Kayleigh Lovvorn Date was a press aide to Attorney General Ken Paxton. She says other staffers making visits to the Texas-Mexico border had been provided security details and protective gear.

By Michael Marks & Shelly BrisbinJune 28, 2021 12:33 pm

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has experienced plenty of turmoil during his time in office. Paxton remains under indictment for securities fraud, as well as the fallout from top staffers accusing him of abusing his power after intervening in the legal troubles of a campaign donor. Now the Houston Chronicle reports that Kayleigh Lovvorn Date, a member of Paxton’s communication staff, recently resigned after being asked to go to the Texas-Mexico border without a security detail.

Taylor Goldenstein is Austin bureau reporter for the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News. She told Texas Standard that Date had been asked to go to Brackettville, Texas, to speak with property owners who are “facing difficult situations” because of increased levels of migration across the border. Unlike other Paxton staffers who had previously made similar trips, Date claimed she was denied security staff or protective gear on her trip.

“She was told by some of the property owners in the area that it was very dangerous,” Goldenstein said, “that they were witnessing cartel activity, car chases, hijacking, things like that, that made her, as a young woman, feel concerned.”

Date made multiple requests for security assistance, pointing out that other Paxton staffers had been provided with such assistance, including bulletproof vests, on their trips to the border.

“They told her she didn’t need it, and if she had concerns, they ought to bring their guns,” Goldenstein said.

Date said she does not have a handgun license, nor has she been trained to use a weapon.

Goldenstein says the attorney general’s office did not provide details of its security arrangements because they are confidential.

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