Young thespians share what it’s like to share a title role

Avery Pitz and Madison Aikens chat about their starring roles in Austin’s Zilker Theatre Production’s “Matilda the Musical.”

By Molly-Jo TiltonJuly 28, 2023 10:39 am, ,

Across the street from Barton Springs in Austin, Zilker Theatre Production’s Annual Summer Musical invites families and friends to join them on the hillside for an evening filled with music, dancing and laughing. 

On weekend nights, visitors can bring a picnic and blanket, enjoy the show and maybe even win some prizes during intermission. 

This year, audiences will see a cast of mostly children take the stage and don British accents as they perform Roald Dahl’s “Matilda the Musical.” 

Avery Pitz and Madison Aikens share the title role. 

“It’s definitely less stressful sometimes because, again, the heat – it’s hard,” Pitz said. “But it’s really fun because you get a break, but on the next night you get the spotlight. It’s a nice break – less worrying. It’s also really fun to share with Maddie.”

And sharing the role came with a built-in friend. 

“I went into this knowing absolutely nobody and I like that because I was sharing the role, I could connect with Avery more,” Aikens said. “Because we were working with each other at all hours, trying to get this role together, and I think that really built our friendship.” 

Courtesy of Zilker Theatre Productions

On weekend nights, visitors to the Zilker Hillside Theatre in Austin can bring a picnic and blanket, enjoy a show and maybe even win some prizes during intermission.

For these girls, the show provides a creating outlet and the ability to let loose. 

“It’s such a fun show being surrounded by people who kind of get you, because they’re all theater people and kids,” Pitz said. 

But the summer heat can be brutal, even after the sun sets. 

“It’s very hard sometimes to just keep going, but it pays off in the end,” Pitz said. “You see all the people in the audience and you’re like, ‘I don’t want to let them down and I don’t want to let myself down’, so you just keep going.” 

For more information about the Zilker Summer Musical visit The show will run Thursday through Sunday until Aug. 12.

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