Biden’s border proposal gets muted praise from a Republican congressman

The administration is considering detaining migrants crossing the border.

By Alexandra HartMarch 10, 2023 12:14 pm, ,

The Biden administration has indicated that it is considering reinstating migrant detention policies – and one Republican congressman has voiced support. U.S. Rep. Chip Roy from Austin said he’s “glad to see the administration is” considering implementing the border policy.

Migrant detention has been a contentious issue, and it has been off-and-on for years, said James Barragán, political reporter for the Texas Tribune. The policy began under the Trump administration to much protest from immigrant rights advocates and many Democrats.

“And, of course, the Biden administration promised to do away with that. They tried to do away with it. They have done in some cases,” Barragán said. “And now they’re thinking about bringing it back as there’s more migrants heading to our southern border. Unusually, Republican Chip Roy, who is usually a major critic of the administration and how they handle immigration, you know, gave muted kudos, I would say, but still kudos nonetheless. So that was an interesting sort of pairing there.”

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