Birth Of The Cool: A Brief History Of Air Conditioning

Modern air conditioning goes back to 1850, when a Florida doctor noticed that his patients’ symptoms grew worse in the heat. So he came up with a solution.

By Matt LargeyJuly 20, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From KUT:

Human attempts to control the weather go back millennia.

There was fire, of course, for keeping warm when winter’s cold takes hold, but taming the sweltering heat of the summer is a much newer pursuit.

Some of the first attempts were in the Middle East, where people built breeze-capturing towers to channel cool air directly into their homes. The ancient Romans tried building houses with double walls so they could run water between them to cool the inside. These were solutions for the very wealthy or the very clever, however.

It was the advent of air conditioning that truly brought climate control to the masses — eventually.

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