Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Delays Controversial Change After Backlash

Some Texas medical societies say the insurer’s pending review process change would scare patients into not seeking emergency care and could be deadly.

By Allison LeeJune 4, 2018 9:30 am, , , ,

From Houston Public Media:

The largest health insurer in Texas was set to change a review process on Monday. But it has been delayed until August 6, after getting backlash from physicians in Texas.

If the new process is launched, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas said its 500,000 HMO members may have to pay the entire cost of an out-of-network emergency room bill, if they go for something not serious or life-threatening.

The insurance carrier said the stricter review policy is designed to help make health care costs more affordable. In an April 18 memo, Blue Cross first explained the change by pointing to examples of people who use out-of-network ERs for things like head lice or sprained ankles.

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