Boots Give The Gazillionaires A Sense Of Place

Gazillionaires’ founders say that like their parents before them, they proudly wear boots, but with their own personal twist.

By Joy DiazMarch 5, 2020 11:45 am, ,

In Texas, a good pair of boots often makes a personal statement. Bri and John “Proph3TV,” who also founded the musical group, Gazillionaires, say their boots have become something of a family crest.

Generations of the family have proudly worn boots as a symbol of their Texan culture.

“It goes back to my parents,” Prof3TV says. “They used to like to dress up like cowboys and cowgirls and they would go out on the town.”

Gazillionaires has a new album called “Levitate.” John says he was inspired by Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” which redefined how a cowboy should sing. He says his boots are also a reflection of his style.

“When you get a pair of boots, it is portraying what your art is, what you like,” John says.

The couple have matching pairs of Ariat boots. Bri’s favorite pair of boots has an American flag, which pays homage to her military background. She served three years in Japan with the U.S. Navy.  She says when she goes out, she feels complete with her boots.

“We love to dress up and stand out and look good when we make appearances,” Brie says. “Having these boots really sets it off. It’s a good conversation piece.”

John says after leaving Texas for a while and coming back, he came to appreciate Texan culture and felt at home again.

“When you make your pair your own, you really feel in place here,” he says.

The couple has a daughter, and twins on the way. Presumably, the boot-wearing tradition will continue.

Written by Laura Morales.