Brownsville Ranked Second-Most Economically Disadvantaged City in the US

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By Becky FogelDecember 19, 2016 10:57 am

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The San Antonio Spurs officially retired long-time superstar Tim Duncan’s Number 21 jersey on Sunday.

During the ceremony, coach Gregg Popovich wrapped up his comments on the five-time NBA champion.

“This is the most important comment I can make about Tim Duncan – that I can honestly say to Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, who have passed – that that man right there is exactly the same person now as when he walked in the door,” he said.

The notoriously low-key Duncan – for his part – joked he had won a lot of bets last night, CBS reports.

“I didn’t wear jeans,” he said. “I wore a sport coat, I didn’t wear a tie so a bunch of people knew that, and I spoke for more than 30 seconds.”

Duncan – who played with the team for his entire 19-year NBA career – is the eighth Spur in franchise history to have his jersey retired.

Yesterday Corpus Christi city officials announced residents could start using tap water again, after about a three-and-a-half-day ban.

Corpus Mayor Dan McQueen said state and national environmental regulators will continue to monitor the situation, reported the Corpus Christi Caller-Times.

“The city is still in a partnership with TCEQ and with the EPA in evaluating our entire water system,” he said.

The ban was lifted after water samples tested negative for unacceptable amounts of an asphalt chemical that got into the water system. The gulf city has had four water advisories over the last two years.

The holidays and giving go hand-in-hand. So the finance site WalletHub wanted to figure out which cities in the United States had the most need.

Jill Gonzalez is an analyst with the website.

“To look at the highest and lowest populations in need here, we looked at just over 20 indicators of economic disadvantage like child poverty, food insecurity, and uninsured rates,” she says. “We did that for the 150 most populated cities in the U.S.”

Brownsville, Texas city ranked as the second most in need in the country.

“It was actually number one for a couple of metrics. We looked at the percentage of residents without health coverage, where Brownsville had one of the most in terms of need here – around 30 percent of all residents,” Gonzalez says. “When it came to basic needs – we think about now like, Internet access, etcetera – Brownsville had the highest percentage of households lacking a computer at about 35 percent. And about half of all Brownsville residents still do not have a broadband Internet connection. So that especially, when it comes to technological needs, is something that Brownsville could use some improvement in.”

Gonzalez added that 48 percent of children live below the poverty rate and that the city has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country at 8 percent.

Detroit ranked number one on the list.