Business Has Improved For Oil Refineries, But Not Enough

Experts say refineries are typically producing at much higher capacity this time of year, during “peak summer driving season.”

By Alexandra HartJuly 13, 2020 11:31 am,

Oil refineries across the country continue to close down because cratering demand for their products during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Texas, Royal Dutch Shell is the latest company to announce it will shut down parts of its operations at a Houston-area refinery and at its Deer Park facilities. 

Energy insider Matt Smith is director of commodity research at ClipperData. He says total U.S. refinery utilization has begun to rebound from the record lows back in April. However, refineries are still considerably lagging behind the typical rates of production typically seen during “peak summer driving season.” 

What you’ll hear in this segment: 

– How refinery utilization rates compare from past years, to now

– What refinery “capacity” and “utilization” really means

– How COVID-19 is impacting refinery workers

Web story by Sarah Gabrielli.

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