Campaign Donations Report a Mixed Bag for Perry

Former Texas Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry released his fundraising haul over the weekend, showing just over one million dollars in one month of fundraising.

By Ben PhilpottJuly 13, 2015 2:13 pm

Former Governor Rick Perry has yet to separate himself from the pack of Republican presidential candidates in opinion polls — but the pack may be pulling away from him in an important category: fundraising.

The latest campaign finance reports from the presidential field are due Wednesday, and former Texas Governor Rick Perry released his fundraising haul over the weekend. It was a mixed initial report. His campaign only brought in just a bit more than one million dollars. Sure, he’s only been fundraising for a month. But to provide some contrast, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush picked up about $11 million in two weeks.

Perry’s Super PACs have raised much more: around $17 million so far this year. Those totals are better, but still far behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who reports that his Super PACs have raised about $37 million. And Jeb Bush’s Super PACs, which have raised more than $100 million.

In the past, donations to the official campaign were the most important way to support a candidate. But those donations are capped. Money going to Super PACs can be unlimited.

For now, Perry’s Super PACs have enough money to help keep the campaign afloat. But he’ll need bigger hauls heading into the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary, if he’s going to get his message out over the other candidates.