Can You Guess What’s True and What’s False in This Week’s Headlines?

Our weekly installment of Two Texas Truths and a Lie.

By Becky FogelNovember 4, 2016 10:43 am,

In Two Texas Truths and a Lie, three stories are given to two contestants to compete to see who can figure out the fake one.

Today, we’re  joined by folks from KERA’s show Think – which has been broadcasting from Austin this week. With me are Executive Producer Jeff Whittington (who also hosts Anything You Ever Wanted to Know) and Producer Stephen Becker

Here are this week’s stories:

1. We all know the expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, in Snyder, they’re putting their own spin on that phrase: When life gives you feral hogs, make bacon. There, a rancher is helping supply feral hogs that have plagued the state to a processing plant to make pork products.

2. Can you see me now? A Tyler man spent 12 days testing out the quality of his company’s technology by live streaming video from a Newfoundland Island. During filming, he went by the name “Castaway Mack.”

3. With Blue Bell facing what can sometimes seem like an endless stream of health scares – a Brenham family has decided it’s time to make ice cream of their own. Mary Marshall, who used to work at the Blue Bell plant in Brenham, is whipping up batches of rocky road and cookie dough ice cream in her own kitchen sans listeria.

Which one is the lie? Listen in the player above to find out!