Celebrating 10 Years Of ‘El Peso Hero’

Comic book artist Hector Gonzalez Rodriguez III wanted his El Peso hero to be relatable. “As a kid, you never saw Batman eating empanadas or… menudo.”

By Joy DiazJuly 13, 2021 2:09 pm,

Hector Gonzalez Rodriguez III is the creator of “El Peso Hero,” a comic book with a border hero. The comic is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

“There’s a lot of themes of belonging… [“El Peso Hero”] is a super humanitarian, put in a challenging situation of helping folks cross [the U.S./Mexico border]. You know, protecting them as well as facing some discrimination.”

Like “the way he looks, just very simple, like a white shirt, blue jeans, belt buckle, boots…I mean…that’s all it takes.”

“One thing that I do, is that I litter the pages with a lot of Easter eggs, either musical lyrics, like ‘Los Tigres del Norte.’ El Peso Hero is a big eater – and so, I think representing that culture is very important – you know, my pozole. It’s just, you know, as a kid, you never saw Batman eating empanadas or, you know, menudo.”

“There’s a hunger to have our stories, to have our heroes represented in the big screen, either on shows or, you know… we’ve gotten a small taste. And so, you know, if we ever make it as big as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, God only knows.”

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