Chris Klein On Life Away from the Coasts and Acting Like an Adult

Known for playing a jock in “American Pie,” Klein opens a new chapter in Texas with a recent move to Austin, a new baby in his family, and a new film with a more grown-up role.

By Laura RiceSeptember 1, 2016 12:36 pm,

You probably remember a 20-something from Nebraska in not one but two big teen films: Chris Klein from “American Pie” or “Election” with Reese Witherspoon. But the now-Texan is doing more grown-up films these days, like “Game of Aces” hitting theaters this weekend.

Klein, who went to Texas Christian University, is married to a native Texan – his wife Laina Thyfault graudated from the Unversity of Texas.

“We decided to start spending a little more time away from the coasts, away from the West Coast,” he says.

After moving here last November, the couple had a boy in July. Klein says from early on in his career, he had experience working away from Los Angeles.

“One of the things about getting back to a place that’s a bit more similar to where I’m from is that it gets me back to roots,” he says. “Omaha and Austin aren’t that different.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– What the first war film Klein worked on – “We Were Soldiers” directed by Mel Gibson – was like

– The premise of “Game of Aces,” which is set in World War I

– Which roles Klein is able to play now that he’s older