Conservative Critics Suspect George P. Bush’s Motives In Alamo Restoration Project

Some conservatives have focused their suspicion of the Bush clan on the Land Commissioner and his plans to revitalize the Alamo site.

By Jill AmentOctober 9, 2017 9:59 am, ,

A few years ago, Texas Land Commissioner George P Bush took over preserving the Alamo in downtown San Antonio from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. The move came after allegations of mismanagement Now, Commissioner Bush is facing some criticism of his own.

Bush’s plan for the Alamo involves beefing up the historical exhibits on the site, acquiring and reconfiguring a plaza in front of the builiding that’s currently owned by the City of San Antonio and creating a “reimagined experience for visitors. The plaza currently serves as a space for expressions of free speech, and for vendors. Bush wants the state to take over the plaza, which is the actual site of the 1836 battle that resulted in the Alamo’s fall to Mexican forces.

Jonathan Tilove, a political reporter for the Austin American-Statesman says Bush’s plan is getting pushback from conservatives who worry that the changes will deemphasize the 1836 battle. Some fear, without much evidence, that Bush intend to allow the site to be taken over by the United Nations.

Tilove says opponents of the plan are suspicious of Bush himself – they don’t see the Land Commissioner and his family as sufficiently committed to small government principles, or their interpretations of Texas history.


Written by Shelly Brisbin.