Could Mark Cuban Become The Next Billionaire President?

The businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner has never hesitated to speak his mind on political issues. And he has a lot of issues with the current occupant of the White House.

By Rhonda FanningMarch 30, 2017 1:14 pm

It’s possible another billionaire who speaks his mind, is no stranger to TV, and has ideas about running the country could be the next President of the United States. Texas Monthly’s Skip Hollandsworth poses the question in an article about Texan Mark Cuban, “Cuban Revolution“.

On Cuban being taken seriously in Washington:

“He stayed out of politics until last year when he became the biggest Trump troll on the campaign and just took him down with a series of hilarious and biting comments. He ended up being invited by Hillary Clinton to show up at the debates and Chuck Todd had him on Meet the Press. Suddenly a lot of people in Washington, political insiders, were thinking, ‘This is the kind of guy who could out-Trump, Trump.'”

On his political leanings:

“He likes to say he’s fiercely independent and that he embraces both some democratic ideals. He’s a big believer in the Affordable Care Act, as long as there were some fixes made, and yet he does have some Ayn Rand-like Libertarian philosophies. He wants taxes cut back, he wants less business regulations and he’s a very fierce defender of people’s right to privacy. He believes that marijuana should be legalized.”

On his knowledge of current events:

“He’s not just one more bombastic billionaire who’s not really in touch with issues but just with good campaign speeches. He does read and he does stay on top of that kind of game.”

On speaking with political consultants about Cuban’s viability as a presidential candidate:

“If Trump does not crash and burn, traditional politicians won’t have a chance against Trump, say other consultants. So there is a lot of talk about Cuban’s possibilities.”

Written by Emma Whalen.