Delivering Food During The Pandemic Hasn’t Been Profitable For This Long-Time Driver

The sounds of Texas.

By Sarah GabrielliJuly 3, 2020 1:02 pm, , ,

In 2017, Zac Bolton started making food deliveries around White Oaks, in East Texas. He delivers for Grubhub, DoorDash and Waitr. Since the pandemic began, he’s seen a lot of new drivers on the platforms. In the beginning, that balanced out the influx of orders from people in quarantine. Now, the market is saturated with drivers and there’s been a drop in delivery demand recently. Zac’s business is down by 50%. At least his wife Jennifer can sympathize. She is a delivery driver too, and they sometimes make deliveries together.

“I’ll throw my wireless AirPods in my ear and if we go into a restaurant, we’ll just stay on the phone and hear each other’s conversations. You know, keep each other company.”

“After working a full day at my regular job, if I’m gonna come out here and sacrifice my time away from my kids, and just sacrifice my home life to go out there and deliver and grind and make money, I need it to be worth it.”

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