Democrats Think They Can Finally Flip Texas’ 24th Congressional District

“Do not think for a minute the Republicans are going to give up this district easily.”

By Syeda HasanFebruary 27, 2020 7:33 am, , ,

From KERA:

On a rainy Tuesday night, voters from across North Texas filed into the Irving Arts Center to hear from Democratic candidates in the race for Texas’ 24th Congressional District.

Farmer’s Branch resident Barb Currier regularly votes in local and national elections. She’s been studying the candidates’ platforms and isn’t sure who she’s backing just yet, but Currier says she’ll support the Democratic candidate in the general election.

“There’s a lot of similarity, and I am on board on all of them,” Currier says. “Health care, doing something about the guns, doing something about education, the environment, all of those issues — they’re huge.”

After years of Republican leadership, Texas’ 24th Congressional District has emerged as a key battleground in the 2020 election. The district runs from Fort Worth to Dallas, spanning several smaller cities and Northern suburbs.


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