‘Dog Is My CoPilot’: Giving New Lives To San Antonio Strays

The program airlifts dogs from San Antonio, where they can’t find homes, to other parts of the country, where it’s expected they will.

By David Martin DaviesMarch 27, 2018 9:30 am, ,

From Texas Public Radio:

It’s the pre-dawn hours at Port San Antonio Kelly Field and the scramble is on.

The challenge is to fit 49 dogs in their kennels into a single engine plane, a Cessna Caravan.

“They’re all single destination? They’re all going to Boise?” asks Dr. Peter Rork, who is the pilot, owner of the plane and founder of the nonprofit, Dog is My CoPilot.

“All Idaho. Yup. Idaho Humane Society,” said Clare Callison, the director of operations for San Antonio Pets Alive.

This morning she’s directing volunteers with the loading of this three-dimensional canine puzzle, while soothing these stressed out pooches.

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