A Byword For Troubled Times: ‘Don’t Walk In Fear’

Lisa Lyons takes the message stitched on the back of her boots literally.

By Joy DiazFebruary 22, 2018 6:50 am, ,

In times of hardship, it’s the little things that make someone feel better, or even inspired. For Lisa Lyons, a pair of unique cowboy boots does just that.

Lyons came to Texas to attend UT in 1983 and has remained in Austin ever since. Before that, she traveled the world as a military brat. Her first boot memory comes from this time. Lyons cherishes a picture in which she’s wearing her dad’s Army boots, while he stands in the background smiling.

Although Lyons has standard brown and black boots, one unique pair helped her at a time of trouble. They had colorful stitching, sugar skulls, and a message on the back in orange: “Don’t walk in fear.”

“The most fearful walks I’ve had were when I was pregnant with my twin daughters and we had some complications,” Lyons says.

During her pregnancy, the twins suffered from Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. That’s when one baby doesn’t get enough nourishment, while the other receives too much.

“The moment I got the bad news, I sobbed for a few moments and then decided ‘I’m not going through this pregnancy like this,’” Lyons says. “I’m going to be courageous for the children I was carrying and I was definitely not going to walk in fear.”

Today, her 10-year-old twins are about to start middle school.

Written by Angela Bonilla.

Alexandra Hart/Texas Standard

Lisa Lyons

Alexandra Hart/Texs Standard

Lisa Lyons