Education issues divide runoff endorsements from Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott

Recapping the week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune.

By Alexandra HartApril 22, 2022 1:28 pm, , , ,

A dividing line has surfaced in Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz’s runoff endorsements, notes Texas Tribune political reporter James Barragán: “school choice,” or the Republican push to fund childrens’ education at charter schools and other campuses outside the public school system.

Barragán’s Tribune colleagues report Sen. Cruz’s endorsements in the May runoffs “just happen to be endorsements that are the opposite of what Gov. Greg Abbott has endorsed in those same races.” Barragán notes the deciding factor appears to be “differences on school choice, school vouchers … but it’s raised some eyebrows for sure.”

For more from our recap of the week that was, including Wendy Davis’ challenge to Texas’ restrictive abortion law and a Houston GOP megadonor’s felony indictment, listen via the audio player above.

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