Efforts Of Legislature, TEA Have Parents Of Dyslexic Students Cautiously Optimistic

“We’re talking about a state that has really been frugal about how the fund education in general.  And to really do an about face the way that they did. Everybody put issues aside.”

By Heather ClabornJuly 10, 2019 9:30 am, ,

From KACU:

The state of Texas has been working to correct serious problems in special education highlighted by an investigative report by the Houston Chronicle in 2016. The series of reports shined a spotlight on how Texas was shortchanging special education for more than a decade. When federal education officials did their own investigation, they estimated that over 13 years, 32,000 students missed out on services they should have gotten.

One of the biggest problems was with dyslexia services. That learning disability was never classified under special education, and that reduced oversight and enforcement.

But this session lawmakers changed that, and will now help schools pay for interventions. The moves give parents and advocates hope for the future.

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