Faulty Pistol Has Dallas And Houston Police Departments Revising Deals With Manufacturer

Viral video shows the Sig Sauer P320 — the primary weapon used by cadets at the Houston Police Department — misfiring, and firing when dropped.

By Alain StephensAugust 14, 2017 12:40 pm

The saying, you’re only as good as your equipment, has serious implications for first responders. A faulty service weapon can mean the difference between life and death for police officers and those they protect, which makes what’s happening in Houston all the more frightening.

Sinjin Smith of the Houston Chronicle says recent viral videos show the primary weapon for incoming cadets — the Sig Sauer P320 — misfiring, and firing when dropped.

Smith says there are no reported injuries or lawsuits in Texas so far, but that the Dallas Police Department is suspending use of the weapon. Houston’s Police Department has arranged a weapon swap with Sig Sauer to replace the faulty model.

The U.S. military recently chose a version of the P320 as a standard-issue weapon. This military model has been designated as the M17.

“The military M17 was already ‘fixed’ in this regard and is not impacted by this issue,” says Nick Leghorn, editor of the firearms blog, The Truth About Guns,

Still the news may affect brand confidence in the manufacturer, Sig Sauer.

“It’s possible that the bad publicity could have an impact on future contract awards but in terms of the performance of the weapon system it is perfectly safe and acceptable,” Leghorn says.

On Monday, Sig Sauer is set to announce a program for law enforcement customers to help deal with the faulty weapons.


Written by Caroline Covington.