For Tech Workers, Return-To-Work Rules Vary By Company

Companies like Amazon, Apple and Facebook, all with huge presences in Texas, are still trying to “figure it out.”

By Shelly Brisbin & Alexandra HartJuly 15, 2021 1:18 pm, , ,

Like a lot of companies in Texas and elsewhere, tech giants are beginning to bring their workers back into the office – at least part of the time. Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, among others, have all announced policies that tell their employees how often they can work from home, if they choose to, and when they’re expected to show up at the office.

Tech expert Omar Gallaga says that the approach among tech’s biggest companies isn’t consistent.

“There are some companies that want their employees back in the offices by the fall, some that are saying we want you in the office two or three days a week. And there are some that are saying, don’t come back, we’re not ready. So, you know, we’ve got companies from Amazon to Apple, Facebook, all with huge presences in Texas, and they are all doing slightly different things and trying to kind of figure it out,“ he told Texas Standard.

What you’ll hear in this interview:

– Which employees are most affected by tech company return-to-work policies right now

– How policies may apply to contract workers

– What workers are saying about the policies

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