Gina Chavez Never Cared too Much For Boots Or Fashion. These Are Her True Passions.

The sounds of Texas.

By Joy DiazJuly 23, 2020 2:34 pm, ,

When bilingual musician Gina Chavez first came onto the Austin open mic scene, she was not interested in fashion. But now Chavez loves to see her fans react to her gold cowboy boots. Her new record “La Que Manda” is about a woman coming into her power.

“There’s all these incredible musicians and I was like ‘I want people to come out because I’m an amazing musician, not because I’m a pretty girl.’” But then you also realize that it’s a show, you know, it’s a performance.”

“I’ve definitely taken for granted the fact that I’ve grown up in a world where I can go vote and that’s not something that is battled.”

“It was [at the UT Austin Catholic Center] that I met my wife. And, as you can probably imagine, falling in love kind of at that college-age, in that Catholic environment, we weren’t able to have a relationship.”

Gina Chavez.
Photo by Ismael Quintanilla

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