Guitarist’s Roots Grew In Iran, Canada And Texas

Maneli Jamal calls Austin his second home.

October 23, 2017 10:51 am,

Maneli Jamal has lived in many places. He’s an acoustic guitar player living in Canada. He spent some time in Texas, too. When his family lived in their home country, Iran, his parents were vocal communists. So they went to Belarus to be part of the Soviet Union.

At the time, there were lots of connections between the Islamic regime in Iran and countries in Europe trying to catch people who were too outspoken. Jamal’s parents received death threats. The family claimed refuge.

Austin is Jamal’s second home. In Austin, his family’s status was pending while they waited for green cards. After living in America for nine years, the family was told to leave.

“I have no idea where I belong,” Jamal says. “I have no idea what border I belong to. But if it wasn’t for those experiences, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.”