High Schoolers Develop Music Production Chops At UT-Arlington Audio Camp

More than a dozen high school musicians just spent a week exploring part of the music world at an unusual summer camp — an audio production camp at the University of Texas at Arlington.

By Bill ZeebleJuly 30, 2018 8:22 am, , ,

From KERA North Texas.

On one side of the glass, UT-Arlington’s jazz camp septet is playing their Afro Blue chart in the recording studio on campus.

On the other side of the glass are 14 North Texas high school kids and one from out of state listening to the digital mono mix through a pair of professional Adam Audio S3A speakers.

Micah Hayes, who runs the music industry program at UT-Arlington, is head counselor for the week’s audio production camp. He wants these campers to know what audio production is really like, showing them the different kinds of microphones and speakers.

But he also wants to show them what’s possible.

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