His Aunt Saw Red Flags. Police Say That May Have Prevented A Mass Shooting

It started when a Connecticut man tried to ship high-capacity magazines to his aunt in New Hampshire.

By Ryan LindsayOctober 22, 2019 9:30 am

From Guns and America:

Melissa Potter was standing in her kitchen when the call came in. It was her estranged nephew, Brandon Wagshol, and she was surprised — he’d never called her before.

“When I saw his name on the caller ID, I got worried that maybe something horrible had happened,” Potter said. “Or, you know, maybe something was going on with the family that he needed to tell me about. So I picked up the phone.”

Wagshol didn’t say hello. Instead, he told his aunt that he was building an AR-15-style rifle and that he wanted to use her address so he could ship high-capacity magazines to her home in New Hampshire. But in Connecticut, where he lives, magazines holding more than ten rounds became illegal to purchase, sell or transfer in 2013. 

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