Houston’s Khruangbin Finds Musical Inspiration In Unknown Corners Of Space City

Motivated by childhood memories, Texas three-piece’s sophomore album embraces love and diversity.

By Leah ScarpelliFebruary 21, 2018 1:49 pm,

With a wide range of musical influences, Khruangbin represents diversity within Texas. Inspired by ‘60s and ‘70s Thai funk, the group’s name comes from the translation of “airplane” in Thai. Their second album “Con Todo El Mundo” thrives from “feel-based” music drawn from personal moments, love and loss.

“Our album is called ‘Con Todo El Mundo’ which means ‘With All the World’ and it was a phrase from my childhood,” bassist Laura Lee says. “I spent my summers as a kid in Brownsville, Texas. I spent them with my grandpa and he would always sit me down and be like ‘Mi nieta, ¿cómo me quieres?’ ‘How much do you love me? How much do you love me?’ he could ask me over and over and over until I said ‘Con todo el mundo,’ ‘With all the world.’ So, it’s for him.”

Written by Elizabeth Ucles.