How Coaching Curls Helps Black Girls Show Their Style

Sounds of Texas.

By Joy DiazJuly 20, 2020 2:31 pm,

It takes experience and skill to care for and style Black hair to look its best. And if you’re a girl living in the foster care system, without the help of a Black mom whose hair looks like yours, how do you learn? Kamryn Owens wanted to help, so she created Coaching Curls, a workshop to teach Black girls how to style and care for their hair. Her project won the Gold Award – the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive.

“I saw a need for hair care in the foster community, especially with little Black girls. A lot of them don’t have mothers with their same skin tone, with their same hair texture. So I realized, I should get them some help.”

“Whenever they first came in, I could tell they were really willing to learn. And I really loved that about them.”

“We would basically analyze each kid’s hari, and while we were detailing their hair, we were having their parents learn, hands-on… I wanted to make sure these kids left with a style they actually liked, and would keep their hair protected.” 

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