Meeting fatigue? Here’s how to host better huddles

Tech expert Omar Gallaga shares tips on how to make meetings more productive and less frustrating for everyone involved.

By By Alexandra Hart & Shelly BrisbinJune 1, 2023 2:10 pm,

For many Texans who work in offices, meetings can be a huge time suck – unproductive hours spent away from the work you’re actually expected to do. And all that time around a conference table or on Zoom calls is costing your organization money, too.

But there are ways to make meetings better. Tech expert Omar Gallaga recently wrote for Wired about getting the most from meetings, and he joined the Standard to share some tips.

Highlights from this segment: 

– Tools to make meetings shorter

– How to cut down on distractions in in-person meetings

– How better meeting practices can improve other communications

Listen to the full interview with Gallaga in the audio player above.

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