How This Showman Brings Science And Invention To Life

Science Presenter Daniel G. Benes utilizes antique and modern laboratory equipment along with A resemblance to Thomas Edison to put on a unique show for kids.

By Emma WhalenApril 27, 2017 2:35 pm,

Daniel G. Benes grew up taking apart any appliances and machinery he could find and trying to learn how they work. He credits his mother for encouraging his intuitive nature and now tries to do the same for kids across Texas. As science presenter and instructor for “Daniel G. Benes Science Shows,” Benes takes a unique approach to peaking children’s interest in science. He dresses up as Thomas Edison and performs with both antique and modern laboratory tools.

“Putting the clothing on of somebody, an early American scientist, and wearing a suit from the early 1900s puts me in a special frame of mind,” Benes says.

Benes says that engaging with students makes his work rewarding.

“I look throughout the crowd and yes, of course, I look for the people who are smiling the biggest but I also focus on the kids who seem like they’re not getting it,” he says. “Oftentimes, they’re the ones I’ll bring on stage with me so they’re right there. A kid who otherwise seemed disinterested or maybe lost, that could be the turning point in his life that inspires him the way I was once inspired.”
By Emma Whalen.