In Texas, High School Football Coaches Make Nearly Twice What Teachers Do

A report from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram found that the average football coach in a big Texas high school earns close to six figures.

By Jill AmentSeptember 11, 2017 12:55 pm, ,

High school football season is well underway in the Lone Star State. Along the sidelines beneath those Friday night lights are some of the most well-paid people in high school education: the head coaches.

A new report by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram surveyed every Texas school district with a high school football program, in an attempt to determine how high school football coaches are paid.

Matthew Martinez says the average pay for a 5A or 6A high school football coach is $98,700.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

-How much Texas high school football coaches make on average in comparison to Texas principals and teachers

-Who some of the highest-paid coaches are, and where they coach

-How to look up the salary of your local high school’s football coach


Written by Rachel Zein.