Is Houston Doing Enough To End The ‘Dangerous Apartment Epidemic’?

A recent UT Law report described a problematic lack of city oversight for Houston’s 320,000 apartment units. Over two months later, how have city leaders responded?

By Allison LeeApril 18, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From Houston Public Media:

Earlier this year, the University of Texas School of Law released a report called, “Houston’s Dangerous Apartment Epidemic.”  It was highly critical of the City of Houston, alleging that it didn’t enforce safety codes, had too few inspectors, and failed to follow up on pleas for help from renters. The report also said the problem was exacerbated by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters.

Willie Williams, 65, said she knows all about that.

She has lived in her Greenspoint rental apartment for the past seven years. The complex has flooded three times in the past three, and the mold got so bad that the first floor, where Williams lived,  became uninhabitable. She was then moved to the second floor, but the complex’s incessant mold is still causing multiple health issues, she claims.

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