Legislative reference librarian sorts through the madness of the Capitol

“It’s really a privilege and a treat to come in work in this building every day,” says Catherine Wusterhausen.

By Morgan O'HanlonJanuary 11, 2022 12:45 pm,

Every legislative session, thousands of people enter the Texas State Capitol, hoping to change the law of the land. Sorting through all the madness, and offering up a wide array of information to all, is Catherine Wusterhausen, the assistant director of the Legislative Reference Library of Texas.

“I was attracted to librarianship because I love learning things,” Wusterhausen says. “In this job, you learn something new every day.”

Though Wusterhausen says people are often in a hurry to get information, and the work is fast-paced, she says she’s proud to work in the historical building, and to be a part of history herself.

“It’s really a privilege and a treat to come in work in this building every day,” Wusterhausen says. “It’s such a beautiful building with so much history, such beautiful architecture, it’s truly phenomenal.”

Wusterhausen says the work she does is rewarding, not only because of the building she works in, but also because of the service she does for Texans.

“There’s so much here that’s related to history and law and to government,” Wusterhausen says. “To understand that, you get a better picture for what Texas is now and how we came to be what we are.”

This story was originally published on May 10, 2017.

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