Life after prison and the redemptive power of family love

With his sister’s help, Marshall Byers is starting a new chapter.

By Joy Diaz & Sara HutchinsonOctober 25, 2021 6:48 am, ,

A brother and sister reflect on the joys and challenges of navigating life after he spent 15 years behind bars.

“I’m just elated with emotion and this beautiful experience of being free and I’m loving every single moment of it.” – Marshall Byers

Courtesy of Jennifer Byers

“Hollywood doesn’t got nothing on that moment where I got to embrace my daughter for the first time.” – Marshall Byers

“There’s so many things that you have to take care of when you get out of prison and if you don’t have any support, it’s overwhelming.” – Jennifer Byers 

“There’s not one thing that’s holding me back from living a beautiful life. I restored all relationships, have nurtured them all back to health again, even the victim in my case.” – Marshall Byers

“I’ve kind of taken on the role as Marshall’s personal assistant. Since there are so many things to get set up like a bank account, having an iPhone for the first time – there was not an iPhone 15 years ago – setting up a doctor’s appointment.” –Jennifer Byers

Jennifer and Marshall Byers, parents and brother.
FritFru Photography

“Your support has been epic. I tell people, I’m like, ‘I got the best sister on the planet.’ I’m like, ‘yeah, your sister might be amazing, but I have Jennifer “Sunshine” Byers on my side.’” – Marshall Byers

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