Linda Castillo’s New Burkholder Novel Is A Story Of Doomed Puppy Love In Amish Country

“Down A Dark Road” is Castillo’s latest installment of the Kate Burkholder thriller series of novels.

By Joy DiazAugust 25, 2017 3:55 pm,

Linda Castillo’s new novel is a police thriller…in Amish country. Editor in Chief of Austin-based Kirkus Reviews, Clay Smith, says “Down a Dark Road” is not Castillo’s first book about Amish life and culture, and this one features a particularly complicated, doomed story of puppy love for the main character, Kate Burkholder.

“It’s that there’s something that is still lingering there for [Burkholder], and it almost reminded me of ‘Vertigo,’ this great Hitchcock film about doomed love and deceptive love,” Smith says.
Written by Caroline Covington.