Low and Slow: BBQ-Style Grillin’ Tricks for Memorial Day

Don’t want to spend all day sweating next to a smoker? Grab a grill for some quick and juicy barbecue-style meat.

By Emily DonahueMay 25, 2015 9:26 am,

We all know Memorial Day kicks off the summer season, at least officially. It’s a signal that we can pull on our shorts, slather on some sunscreen and buckle down into some barbecue. But Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly’s full-time barbecue editor says if you want to get some of that smoky barbecue flavor into your meat, in half the time, throw that brisket on the grill.

“It’s not every day that you have 8 or 10 hours to sit there and baby a brisket or pork shoulder or any of those big cuts,” Vaughn says. “Sometimes you want a little more instant gratification.”

He says if you’re really looking to cut time, just go get your meat from the professionals, but if you’re already got that charcoal grill set up (sorry, Hank Hill), tie up your apron and “get up to temperature.”

Things like big, thick pork chops, brisket and fish are great for the grill, Vaughn says. Wait a minute… fish? That ain’t barbecue.

“It’s something where you can really add smoked flavor to it,” Vaughn says. “Rather than smoking meat, like you would do in an off-set cooker. You throw a few wood chips down on the fire just to give it some smoked wood flavor.”