This Rice Professor’s Life-Saving Technology Earned Her a MacArthur Genius Grant

Rice bioengineering professor Rebecca Richards-Kortum inspires students to open their minds and help infants beyond traditional borders.

By Michael MarksSeptember 23, 2016 12:00 pm

Rebecca Richards-Kortum of Rice University’s Bioengineering Department was surprised when she found out she was selected as a MacArthur Award recipient for her work on finding solutions for global health problems.

Richards-Kortum was inspired to work on developing medical technologies for less developed countries during her work abroad.

“I had a chance to travel to Malawi ten years ago and it was for me a very transformational trip when I saw the huge need for equipment at the hospitals there,” she says. “It really started from that first trip.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– How Richards–Kortum inspires and engages undergraduate students at Rice to have an immediate impact on improving health

– The effect of her $625,000 MacArthur Genius Grant on her mission to help women and children in Malawi

– Specific technology therapies that she has proven to bring down treatment costs

– The balance between her private life and professional research

Post by George Economos.