Marfa Reacts To County’s Decision Granting Late Night Serving Hours To Local Businessman

In the city of Marfa, alcohol can be sold until midnight, and until 1 AM on Saturdays. The county recently approved a property-owner’s request to sell alcohol until 2 AM every night of the week.

By Sally BeauvaisMarch 25, 2019 9:30 am, ,

From Marfa Public Radio:

This story is the first in Marfa Public Radio’s series, Tipping Point. It’s about tourism-driven development in Marfa and the greater Big Bend region, and how our communities are thinking about the future.

Amid public conversation about developments on the horizon — a new major music festival proposed by Austin-based C3 Presents, new businesses, events and places to stay, and new decisions and initiatives by elected officials that will have lasting implications into the future — Marfans are asking: what do we need?

For residents who think tourism has already become too much of a priority over their quality of life, reaching the tipping point could mean living in Marfa becomes undesirable, or in some situations, unfeasible.

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