Mexico May Seek Extradition Of El Paso Shooting Suspect

At least eight Mexican nationals died when a gunman opened fire at an El Paso Walmart on Saturday.

By Joy DiazAugust 6, 2019 9:38 am,

Several Mexican nationals died alongside other shoppers at an El Paso Walmart, when a gunman opened fire over the weekend. On Monday, the Mexican government sent Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard to El Paso. He said that Mexico will pursue legal action.

“We will definitely be presenting a case against the sale and distribution of assault weapons, since that’s the weapon that took the lives of eight Mexican nationals and – up until now – the lives of 14 Americans,” Ebrard said in Spanish.

“According to international law, Mexico has the right to defend its victims in accordance to Mexican law – the same law that defines this as an act of terrorism,” he said.

The Mexican government may want to try the case in Mexico.

“The case will include – if Mexico’s state department sees it fit – [it will include] a petition for extradition,” Ebrard said.

It’s worth noting that Mexico does not have the death penalty, and Mexico’s extradition treaty with the U.S. dates back to 1861