My Mask: An Awkward Encounter At A San Antonio Library

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By Laura RiceAugust 24, 2020 11:10 am, , ,

Charlotte Martin is a regular patron of the San Antonio library. During the pandemic, the library has changed the way it handles media checkout and pickup. Along with other precautions, patrons should wear masks to comply with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s mask order.

“Call the number and the librarian brings your book, puts it on the table outside and you pick them up and you go on your way. Well, I parked in my regular first slot and call the number and, of course, they go and get the books wherever they have them stored.”


“I was sitting there waiting and I noticed a man walked up the steps and very close to the desk and being probably the semi-nervous person that I am, I kept thinking, what if that person grabs my books? And so, with my worry, I decided to get out of my car and to stand at the bottom of the steps, which I did. And I was taking side glances at this man with the black mask on.”

“And so when he quickly got a stack and started coming down the steps, I just said, ‘Sir, sir, are you sure those are yours? Are you sure?’ And he slowly turned and he said, ‘Do you know who you’re talking to?’ And I thought, oh no, I’m going to get in a confrontation. … And I promise you, I saw the security guard squirm.”

“But, eventually, I recognized him. And so I looked at the security guard and I said, ‘It’s my son!’ And David was like, ‘Mom, how could you not recognize, you know, the person you gave birth to 44 years ago?!’”

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